The backend App for the clubs in your pocket.

Your business, new methods, innovated ideas...embrace the abundance

Flewer PRO & Flewer are unique Apps that enable a team of coworkers, individual performers, anyone working together to be in direct control of the next-level tech marketing tools on the market.

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A stunning and robust App concept

Flewer's three-platform networking is perfectly sync'd across Apple iOS, Android and the Web. We allow users to have simple, trustworthy and great experience.

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Flewer PRO allows you to work anywhere

It doesn't matter which title you are at work to us, because whoever you are we have you sooo covered! With Flewer PRO, every possible avenue to invite, contact, push notify and summon your fans and followers is at your fingertips, anytime. Oh yeah, we made it that easy!

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Your business in your pocket! You're welcome.

With this App, we want to keep all your business and marketing activity in one handy and mobile spot for you. We know it has to be fast and easy?! Flewer lets you track your fans and get noticed fast. We think this frees you up to focus on cultivating further your raw talent. All notifications from your fans or followers are received immediately. Network or Die baby!

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A New concept, in a New world...just for you!

Birds of a feather, should flock together!!! All your friends, customers, fans, and followers will grow your network of business privately and in one epic App designed just for that.

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Just Slide!!! From the dashboard slide back or forth to see daily, weekly or monthly reports from your network following. Flewer works with your networking. Our backoffice is easy to view and measure your success.

Just a little note

Depending the type of account a Staff member can have, the Dashboard may look be different within Flewer PRO.

This is all yours for free, so Enjoy!

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  • The Orange APP

    In the App market, there is only one Orange App. We are it and we love that! This really is just another way that Flewer is unique in the world of Apps.

  • Now, this is important...

    Flewer PRO users have a few ways to get onboard with the App. You need to be "vouched" for by us, or the venue you work for. That means we have to check the authenticity of your "human-ness". We can look at mail verification, ID verification or a solid vouch by your club or venue. Once this is completed, you'll be approved and away you Go!

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Flewer is a unique and different new-way to networking. Flewer is a personalized marketing App that uses suggestion selling strategies and some awesome perky benefits you can deploy on your fans or followers. Flewer is a sync'd network marketing App which also provides you measurable proof that it is working as hard as you are. It is a multi-media system that works together on Flewer and Flewer PRO intrinsically. Both Apps are user friendly and we will keep on adding features as the needs come up. Don't worry because we are so good at predicting those! Just look at what we created already!

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Alberto Massa

CEO Flewer APP LLC & Cyber Alpha Tech LLC

In In my 20+ years of experience in the Software business, I can say that Flewer Systems have a lot of potential for many diverse markets. The artist now has a unique way of marketing themselves without having to rely on others. Everybody wins with Flewer!

Sarah Blake


Is the first ever App in all of iOS and Android that has something different

Kevin Doto


We worked hard to reach this system solution, unique to the Apps world

James Brown


I love the Orange APP!!!


Discover so much more


They don't call it "Show-BUSINESS" for nothing! Just take your phone with you and check your push notifications coming in, and just do your networking thing. Everything that is going on in your businness -- IS your business.

Amazing info

Answer your customers questions, get compensated for your time and talents. Our chat service is one of a kind and there are many different ways to appeal to the needs of your diverse following and fans.

Oooh FUN! It's like a game!!!

Collect E-tickets, Collect Followers, Collect Credits and Interact. You can check your backend reports online too!

Sounds too good to be FREE? You're wrong, baby!

It is way FREE! We love FREE, who doesn't love FREE? So we are gonna keep this puppy FREE!

Enjoy the good life, networking never looked so private, flexible and easy!

This maravelous app

was made for you talented and awesome folks who provide fun activity and performance filled wonder to this beautiful life! Thank you! With Flewer, we are YOUR fans! All you need to do is keep your business in your pocket and embrace what is yours. It is your talent they seek and genuinely want to follow. Be rewarded. Get noticed!

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All the abunance in the world is waiting for you to grab it. There is no need to wait! So don't.

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